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Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube
Adventure Cube

Review Adventure Cube

Brandon Girod
Colorful aesthetic, fun mechanics
Level design is poor, frequent ads
I’d like to begin this review with a sigh. Who keeps giving Ketchapp all this money to make a billion mediocre arcade games?! Adventure Cube for Android is the app on the plate today, and it’s quite possibly one of the poorest arcade games I’ve played on my phone yet.
So at first glance, this game actually looks promising. The biggest issue with Ketchapp is that they are so incredibly hit or miss with their apps. The mechanics this game brings to the table aren’t ones we’ve never seen before. The idea is that you’re rolling a cube up a lane, but you can’t move straight ahead, you can only move up diagonally to the left or right. The lane is littered with holes, spikes and tons of other things that promise to hurt you. Oh yeah, and the lane is crumbling behind you.
This means you’re really gotta plan ahead in order to survive. Failing to do so might mean you have to wait for a set of spikes to complete a rotation and a half instead of getting there right when the square is empty. That precious second could mean death, and it’s moments like this that are extremely frustrating.
There is a lot going on at any given time and having to sit there and keep track of every little thing while also making sure you’re on the perfect path is just awful. It’s hectic, stressful and not fun in the least bit.
Adventure Cube is a mindful. That’s a term I just coined, but I think it’s really fitting here. The mechanics are fun but the way they’re all implemented together just creates chaos on the screen and creates situations that are honestly the opposite of fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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