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Review Swing

Brandon Girod
Responsive controls, looks unique
Frustrating gameplay, lots of ads, lazy rewards
Swing for Android is another throwaway arcade game being offered by Ketchapp as part of the seemingly endless number of other throwaway games. This one has you swinging on a rope to get from one platform to the other and isn’t exactly inspiring in terms of gameplay.
My ultimate gripe with this game is really the same gripe I have with many other Ketchapp games. The frequency that they put out new games like this means the games don’t spend enough time in development to become something worth checking out. Sure, the mechanics will change from game to game, but they’re all equally shallow and boring.
This game has you swinging from one platform to the other. The camera is zoomed in so close that longer jumps, which is most of screen them, aren’t able to be shown on the same screen. So you end up having a short amount of time to judge the distance and just about no time to compare the length of the rope to the distance. It’s just plain unfair in many ways.
And, as with most arcade games like this, the game feels like a grind when it comes to unlocks. And again, Ketchapp doesn’t bother giving the player access to anything more than just skins for your character.
Ketchapp is one of the most notoriously lazy mobile app developers out there right now and Swing is one of the worst offenders. Gameplay is ankle deep and not only is the game stacked against you, but it’s not rewarding when you do succeed.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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