Pettson Inventions 2
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Pettson Inventions 2
Pettson Inventions 2
Pettson Inventions 2
Pettson Inventions 2
Pettson Inventions 2
Pettson Inventions 2
Pettson Inventions 2

Review Pettson Inventions 2

Sergei Petrov
Pettson Inventions 2 - this is an interesting puzzle game for Android, in which we will create a variety of interesting mechanisms with individual elements. At each level, we solve one problem, whether it is the creation of a race car for the road, or helping one of the animals.
The protagonist of the game, Pettson, most of all loves to invent unusual mechanisms that help in everyday life to the most main character, his cat, and other residents of the farm.


No clues and descriptions of the level is not here, we can guess that we have to do. This is usually pretty easy, if you look at items offered, which are on the left.
And even though the game is a puzzle with elements of physics, but of the physical engine here. The game is entirely created from ready painted fragments. Available, we can drag items onto the playing field, but they will only be installed in a specific location. That is nothing unique here are unable to create the entire game is strictly conceived scenario.
This approach has its pros and cons. Play Pettson Inventions 2 is much easier, putting things in place, than to collect the constructors in Amazing Alex . But this game will appeal to both children and adults. Level have been varied and not always clear what and where to move.
The main trick in passing is that parts always give more than you need, and with the form they would definitely come in handy, but in reality there are only to bring down the player confused.

Features Pettson Inventions 2 for Android:

  • A colorful hand-drawn graphics;
  • 37 different levels;
  • Easy control - Drag and Drop;
  • The game was translated into English, German and Swedish;
  • Appeal to both children and adults.
On the downside, the game is the absence of freedom of action as such, all the mechanisms of pre-thought out, and the player only substitute the right part at the right place. On the other hand, why complicate the task, if the game is done with the expectation of children?
Summary. Pettson Inventions 2 - is a colorful puzzle game for Android with a focus on children, which is pretty fascinating to draw pictures and funny funny characters. Free version contains the first 6 levels, and the total cost you only $ 2.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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RRamos16 Sep 2013, at 07:17Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
We love pettson's inventions on the Kindle 7, but cannot find it in the app store for Kindle fire 8.9. Is it available?
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