Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
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Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush

Review Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, responsive controls, dynamic level
Character rewards are super expensive
Just coming off of Land Sliders, Bike Blast for Android is an endless runner that throws me back on my butt. It’s an endless runner that feels familiar because we’ve all played a slightly different variation of this game a million times before. But it’s still not a bad game, and does respect the players time.
This is a game more akin to Temple Run than Land Sliders. You’re running down a corridor dressed up in fancy graphics, and you’re tasked with dodging and reacting to various obstacles thrown at you. What makes this game shine is how dynamic it is. The level changes a good bit, and your characters will automatically perform various tricks when you’re jumping around and grinding. There is even a hang gliding portion that breaks up the monotony just a bit.
Level design is pretty cool, and I never came across stints that seemed impossible to pass through. Most of my deaths stemmed from becoming careless or being too risky with choices I’ve made. This might turn off some of the more hardcore endless runners, but its pacing suited me just fine.
My main concern with the game is just how expensive characters are. Your first unlock is 5000 coins, the next is 10,000, and then it just jumps up from there. Making 5000 coins would probably take around 15 minutes, which isn’t crazy, but when you see unlocks hitting 350,000 then you know it’s there just to try and get someone to fork over some real cash for it.
Bike Blast is typical, but not bad. If you’re still enjoying games like this then you’ll really like this one, too. The level design, art, and gameplay dynamics are all good. But if you’re tired of the formula then this won’t change your mind.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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