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Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall
Nonsense Fall

Review Nonsense Fall

Brandon Girod
Excellent graphics and atmosphere, chill music, solid controls
Unbalanced gameplay, very grindy
When it comes to most game reviews, I typically play the game and wait to review it until the day after I’ve finished playing it. That gives me time to reflect and take in what I’ve just played. Nonsense Fall for Android is an exception. It’s a frustrating mess and the first Ketchapp game I’ve played that isn’t about to receive a glowing review.
So let’s talk about what this game is. The game’s premise talks about a city that has been attacked, leaving the roads in complete chaos. Portals burst open from the sky and release missiles, lasers, and who knows what else. You just have to run around like a madman and avoid being hit by stuff. Sounds cool, but it’s not.
The sound and overall atmosphere in the game are great. They’re the absolute best part about the game, though. The music is almost something I’d like to download the mp3 of and just listen while I read a book or something, and the minimalist artwork is just fantastic.
Unfortunately, the gameplay is pure frustrating. From what I saw, there are three times of enemies: a sometimes unpredictable missile, a predictable missile, and a laser. The regular missile is totally fine. You know it’s shooting straight down. The laser is less fine because it shoots three times, but it does so in a consistent interval so you can dash through it. The unpredictable missile is just straight up broken when you throw it in with the mix. The lasers are difficult enough on their own, but every now and then you’ll see a missile just fly across the screen and land right at your exit point when you pass through a laser. Since there is no stop button, the only thing you can do is either get zapped by the laser or blown to bits by the missile.
The sad thing is that this can still happen with the regular missile too. What I’m trying to say is that this game frequently sets the player up in situations that they simply can’t beat and that is purely infuriating.
The whole thing would be completely balanced if there was a way to stop your character from proceeding forward, but unfortunately there isn’t. In its current state, I really can’t recommend Nonsense Fall because it feels like nonsense.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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