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Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider
Blocky Raider

Review Blocky Raider

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, fun gameplay
Is a Crossy Road copy
One-touch endless games have gotten to the point that they all sort of blend together, and Blocky Raider for Android is a prime example as to why that is the case. It's actually a rather good endless game but the way it borrows its name, gameplay, and visuals from Crossy Roads is just too exact to ignore.
In this game, like Crossy Road, you're always moving to the diagonal right, one step at a time. Along the way you'll have to avoid spike strips, lava, pools of water, and plenty of other traps that are trying to kill you. One thing to make note here about the controls is that the game always seems to be one step ahead of you. If you rapidly tap the screen three times then you'll want to expect moving forward one extra space because that always seems to be the case for some reason. Level layout isn't identical every time, but you'll see a lot of the same general assets in similar setups in the same spots as previous games. This is fine because it keeps things interesting while also training the player to
There are coins also littered about the area that you can pick up in order to unlock new characters to play as. These are simple avatars, however. They won't change the environment from the same Indiana Jones-inspired temples. Picking up 100 coins is enough to net you a new character, but coins are usually so infrequent that you'll be either grinding for them or simply watching ads to reach the 100 coins. Ultimately, the characters aren't really interesting enough to pursue anyway, though.
There is nothing wrong with Blocky Raider except that it's almost a complete copy of Crossy Road. If you don't mind that then this game has very solid mechanics and great graphics.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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