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Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2

Review Ski Safari 2

Brandon Girod
Super fun gameplay, limited ads, controls are intuitive
Generic graphics, runs can be insanely long
Snowboarding on penguins, driving snowmobiles with yetis riding shotgun, what’s going on? Well, according to Sky Safari 2 for Android, if you’re being chased by a by an avalanche then all sorts of crazy things start to happen. This is an endless runner that’s an insane amount of fun to play and practically plays itself at some points.
It wasn’t until I felt the weight of the snow smack me in the face that I realized why I was in such a rush. This is a game about speed, nailing combos, and trying to get one step ahead everywhere you can. You get to choose between playing a male or female and whether or not you want to ride a snowboard or skis.
In the game you’ll be dodging rocks, bursting through houses, and doing tricks at a pretty fast pace. Tapping the screen will cause your character to jump, but I actually had a bit of a problem with the speed of the game here. It feels like there is a slight delay from when you tap to jump to when your character actually performs the jump, so you really need to make sure you’re leading your jumps, and be careful because they come up really fast. I sometimes found myself being unable to really even respond.
Over the course of the game you’ll be challenged to perform a bunch of difficult things. Think of these as mission objectives because if you pull them off then you’ll earn little rewards, though I personally never found anything really cool.
Initially, I wanted to write off Sky Safari 2 as being another generic runner, but I actually found myself having a lot more fun with the game than I thought I would.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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